Happy New Year from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

What a year!  So many exciting things have happened since last year. We have been so blessed this year again with your love and support, the breakthrough of 3 million downloads, 700 code samples, over 90% customer satisfaction, the winning of Global 2011 Microsoft Next award, the release of Sample Browser and Sample Browser VS extension, and many other new experiences and achievements.  Our team received lots of constructive feedback and kudos from you throughout the year, and we take action quickly to improve things.  Thank you!

We are looking forward to the New Year, and many coming new launches and growths.   For example, in early 2012, you can expect to see the birth of a new script library project targeting the ITPro audience.   Similar to Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework for developers, this new script library will be a centralized system administration script library driven by IT professionals’ real-world pains and needs observed in TechNet Forums, communities and IT support calls.   The goal is to provide customer-driven scripts for Microsoft products and reduce IT professionals’ efforts in solving typical system admins tasks in Windows Servers, SQL Servers, Exchanges, Office 365, SharePoint Servers, Windows Clients, and Office Clients.  We are just getting started and have several scripts in the pipeline; this will continue to grow.   Additionally, you can also expect to see the release of a new version of Sample Browser.   We expanded the Sample Browser to search for all samples in MSDN Samples Gallery.  With this new version, you will be able to search and download not only 700+ All-In-One Code Framework samples, but also thousands of other Microsoft and community samples.  With this effort, we hope to ease your effort in looking for and managing the wanted code samples.

The holiday season is such a special time for us, a time of new beginnings. Also a time of saying many thanks to all of you. We sincerely wish you a very happy and blessed New Year!

Blessing to all of you!

- Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Team

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