Targeting TOP sample quality, All-In-One Code Framework is on its way

Quality - quality – quality.  This hallowed word dictates what we ought to be, what we can be, what we will be.  Targeting TOP sample quality, All-In-One Code Framework starts its new round of quality enhancement in the new fiscal year at Microsoft.

With Microsoft Global Developer Support Cluster Lead – Jamie Burroughs and his groups’ full supports, hundreds of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) throughout the Microsoft Developer Support cluster are on board of All-In-One Code Framework.  These experts stand for the best talents of each technical area in Microsoft CSS.  They will not only triage all sample ideas, review all code samples before publishing, but also directly contribute code samples based on customers' pains observed in CSS phone support incidents.

Before the end of 2011, the All-In-One Code Framework team and the SMEs are revisiting 400 old code samples that were created when the project was started.  We will

  • revisit their sample quality
  • update samples to the latest SDKs and Visual Studio
  • make up for the missing programming languages
  • upgrade the sample documentation format from the traditional .txt plain text ReadMe files to rich-text htm documentation.  Pictures, code snippets will be added to the sample documentations to make them more illustrative and easier to follow.

In the meantime, we will start to closely monitor the customer rating and Q/As of our code samples in the MSDN Samples Gallery.  We look forward to your rating, and we appreciated if you could write some comments in the Q/A page besides rating so that we can know how to improve the sample.  Our target is to provide 5-star samples!

The technical talents are ready, the target is set, and the game is on.  Teams will work with sheer dedication to try to attain the goal of TOP quality!

Comments (2)

  1. Khalnayak says:

    Is there any plans for integrating SharePoint code samples?

  2. Hello tofani123

    Yes, SharePoint is in our this year's plan.

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