Celebrating All-In-One Code Framework being selected as one of the 30 elites of Global Microsoft Next

I'm pleased to share a great news about All-In-One Code Framework:

In April 2011, All-In-One Code Framework was recognized as one of the thirty Microsoft elites of "Global Microsoft Next" due to its innovations and efforts for driving developers' easier lives!

Global Microsoft Next is a Microsoft internal competition created by Jean-Philippe Courtois (President, Microsoft International) to showcase how Microsoft people and technology are helping individuals and communities around the world and to offer the innovators a chance to showcase their projects on a global scale.

In April 2011, 30 individuals and projects are selected and recognized as Global Microsoft Next.  Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - a centralized code sample library driven by developers' needs - is honored to be one of the elite members due to its innovations for developers' better lives! This recognition is a big encouragement to everyone who are working on All-In-One Code Framework.

(Watch the award winning video in Global Microsoft Next)


Started as a small side project by a group of young support engineers two years ago, All-In-One Code Framework has grown into a centralized code sample library that

  • has been downloaded for nearly 1 million times by developers around the world (grow from 13K downloads last year to almost1 million downloads this fiscal year)
  • developed 600 code samples that are driven by customers' needs
  • 94% of customers are satisfied with what we are doing in All-In-One Code Framework according to this survey.
  • ranked at top 3 on CodePlex - Microsoft open source platform
  • started a free code sample request service - a new way to listen to developers' pains and produce code samples to ease their pains.
  • released Sample Browser with the MSDN Code Samples Gallery team to ease the sample download, search and management.
  • partnered with 7 big groups in Microsoft to drive for better developers' lives together
    (MSDN Community Support, Product Quality & Online, The Garage, Commercial Technical Support, MSDN Code Samples Gallery, User Education, Developer & Platform Evangelism)

We have a big dream of changing the world of development to example-centric programming and making developers' lives much better and easier. With the Microsoft Next award, we believe that more and more people will join us to fight for this dream.

By taking this opportunity, I'd like to thank every friend in the developer community who support and provided suggestions to All-In-One Code Framework. Their continuous feedback and encouragemetns are the source of our passion.

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