More Searchable, Interactive and Optimized for Code Samples – Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework has a new home on MSDN Code Sample Gallery

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - the free, centralized and developer-driven code sample library is having a new home on MSDN Code Sample Gallery to deliver a more friendly user experience to tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

The new MSDN Code Sample Gallery provides developers a greater experience around learning from code samples and enables access to the code samples where it is most relevant and in context. Thanks to the partnership with the great MSDN Code Sample Gallery team, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is moving its ever growing code sample library and its code sample request service to the new gallery. Here are the key improvements based on this migration.

Sample Browser ^online coming in this week

We heard an important feedback from developers after we released Sample Browser v2 in Feb:  the sample browser accompanied with all 580+ code samples is too large to download and hard to update when new releases come.  We take this feedback seriously.  With our move to MSDN Code Sample Gallery, we are now able to solve this problem and give customers a much better sample download and management experience.  We will release a new Sample Browser in just a few days.  It is a very tiny Clickonce-deployed application – so it’s easy to download, install and upgrade.  It connects to MSDN Code Sample Gallery to search and browse code samples of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework.  Users can download code samples on-demand, and easily manage the downloaded code samples in Sample Browser online. 

Better search function specially designed for code samples

Our code sample pages in MSDN Code Sample Gallery provide you with a rich html description, online code browsing, and an optional Q/A section where you can ask questions about the code sample. You can directly copy and paste the code from the browse code tab or download the code sample and open it inside Visual Studio.

Better feedback channels

You can vote up or vote down our code samples based on its quality. You can also submit your feedback to any code sample. Your voice will be directly sent to the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework to improve the content.

Request a Code Sample

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is migrating its code sample request service to the new MSDN Code Sample Gallery because of its direct support of requesting a code sample.  You can submit a request for a new code sample. Both Microsoft and the community can decide to write a code sample for your request. Other users can vote up a request. This creates a great mechanism for discovering content gaps and optimizing new sample efforts by pre-determining whether a code sample will be useful and popular. 

Localization of Code Samples coming soon

With the direct support of sample localization from the new MSDN Code Sample Gallery, customers will see an improved experience in finding localized Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework code samples.  We will start from integrating code samples localized to Simplified Chinese to the gallery pages. These samples are currently available in  If you want to see more localized code samples, please comment in the blog entry "Do you want "localized" code samples from Microsoft?", or email

With the integration of all these great new features of MSDN Code Sample Gallery, we embrace the opportunity to serve developers' needs better and make developers' lives much easier.



Our current portal on CodePlex will still be well maintained and updated, but we are encouraging developers to download & request code samples from our new home on MSDN Code Sample Gallery if you like its new features.

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