Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework "Sample Browser" v2 available for Technical Preview

Today, we reached a new milestone of All-In-One Code Framework.  It gives me great pleasure to announce our newest Sample Browser v2 available to the world for preview.  With the new Sample Browser, we embrace the opportunity of reduing developers' efforts in searching for code samples, and making your sample browsing experience hassle free and enjoyable.


The new Sample Browser adds three important features to the last release.

1. Flash code sample full-text search

Similar to web search engines, the Sample Browser performs flash full-text search among thousands of code files and documentations to locate your wanted code sample.

2. Easy and free sample index

Whether you want to list all VC# code samples, or all ASP.NET code samples, or all VC# ASP.NET code samples, or any other random combination,  you are always able to see your expected sample index with several simple clicks in the Language and Technology selections. 

3. A new black UI dotted with light golden colors.

Developers' life is not easy. In the developers' day-and-night hard-work, we hope that a Sample Browser application with neat user interface could give them some enjoyable experience and fun.

Apart from the three new features, the SampleBrowser is also a green software. The application does not require installation. After you download the All-In-One Code Framework package, you simply double click the SampleBrowser.exe file in the root folder, and start to play with code samples.

If you have any feedback and suggestions for the Sample Browser, please email us:



We just announced the RSS feeds for code samples of different technologies. By using these feeds, you can easily track and download the new code samples.

Comments (6)
  1. Charles says:

    Great for developers. Not really like the dark background and font colors.

  2. zbrong says:

    It can't to dowload yet. the dowload url returns a 404 error.

  3. achan says:

    i spend > 10 hours on screen.  the dark background helps my eyes.

  4. lelyor says:

    Hi!,all examples successfully complete ,not found error all codes ,and .net standard code.

  5. Mujib says:

    Yes..please change the background color.

  6. I don't like the colors either.  Poor contrast, and very hard to read – especially selected text.

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