Please join us to vote for your favorite code samples topics, and become a Star of the Month – Episode 1

Since we launched the new Code Sample Request Service in early November, we have received about 20 code sample requests in two weeks.  My team is already writing code samples for 5 requests.  Please join us to vote for your favorite code sample topics.  The higher the sample topic is voted, the quicker my team would provide the code sample. In the meantime, we will select the best code sample topic with the highest number of votes every month. The submitter of the code sample topic will become our Community Star of the Month. His/her name or picture will be highlighted on the homepage throughout the next month!

Code Sample Topics:

1. ftp upload and download [vote]
hi i wanted sample which gets stream from fileupload control in using fileuploadobject.filecontent and uploads to the ftpserver using stream... please read bytes from source stream and write those bytes into destination stream using ftp and using stream dowload file from ftp server to client download bytes by bytes

2. Combined Thumbnail and Preview UserControl [vote]
Hello. I would like to see sample code for a UserControl which can preview Thumnails and Previews just like the Explorer do in Win 7. Is that possible? Would this also work in Win XP?

3. OneNote Object Model Wrapper classes [vote]
There exists a project at which is the OneNote Object Model (OM) - wrapper classes over the COM API. It is supposed to make coding much easier using this abstration...

4. GIF Image in Silverlight [vote]
We wanna show a gif image in silverlight plugin, so, we created a custom control to do it, but the control is very worse. I think, lots of silverlight developers need to show gif, so, please create a sample code and share it. I am so sorry because my English is not good.

5. Sample Request: WCF RIA Services with WinForms [vote]
WCF RIA Services is a great tool, but there aren't any "best practices" examples with WinForms for desktop applications. Something along the lines of an application that allowed you to edit parent/child relationships (Orders/OrderLineItems?), batch the changes all together and save them at once.

6. Sample Request: WCF RIA Services with WPF [vote]
WCF RIA Services is a great tool, but there aren't any "best practices" examples with WPF for desktop applications. Something along the lines of an application that allowed you to edit parent/child relationships (Orders/OrderLineItems?), batch the changes all together and save them at once.

7. Request: WPF MVVM Modal Dialog Service Sample [vote]
Code sample to enable WPF to extend Winform applications through new form services. Most WPF MVVM application assume that it is a single window application but this is not always the case, especially when extending and slowing replacing parts of a Winform application to become a WPF application. This needs to be unit testable.

8. Request: WPF Keybinding to close the current view from ViewModel without code behind  [vote]
A lot of programmers and demo makers seem to forget that the keyboard is still an efficient form of data entry and UI control. A sample to something a little more complex like pressing the escape key to handle multiple states in a WPF application would be desirable. The states on each key press would be undo the current field, undo the current record, close the view without code behind.

9. Custom Cursor in Silverlight(在Silverlight中自定义光标) [vote]
在Gis软件中,经常需要定义大量光标,希望可以提供更简单的方式定义自己的光标,我可以指定任意类型的文件成为光标(如:image 、path 、PathData字符串或UIelement对象),同时可以简单的还原为默认光标。对动态扩展具有友好的支持。动态扩展组件修改光表时,不会影响主程序。(如动态加载的xap程序中也可以灵活的使用自定义光标)

10. 希望提供一个控件(如Button)的C#代码 Button control code behind with logic tree In Silverlight  [vote]

11. Request: How to embed Media player in music store web site [vote]
In ASP.NET, I will like to have an audio player on a site to play music from a playlist. The playlist could be from a database or an XML file. Could you do a sample on how to do this please? Thanks! Marvelous work by the way!

12. Silverlight Treeview  [vote]
Creating a treeview in Silverlight using the treeview is easy but creating a complete CRUD treeview is a common need with hardly any sample that does it completely. So a Silverlight example with ability to create new nodes (right click and create node; even right click with ChildWindow to add node is fine), ability to right click and change title of a node, ability to delete node, ability to drag & drop to rearrange the tree view nodes (the most common need that is difficult to do properly).

13. 使用WinForm和WPF分别实现任务栏扩展(Deskband)  [vote]
尽管 MSDN 文章不建议在 Windows Vista 和 Windows 7 中使用 Deskband,但有些情况下 Deskband 还是很有用处的。我从其它开发者社区上找到过在.NET平台上实现 Deskband 的方法,也仿照 SDK 中的范例在 Visual C++ 中尝试过 Deskband 的开发。但是所有做过的尝试都存在着各种各样的问题,例如:通过 UserControl 实现的 Deskband 似乎不支持透明背景;非 WPF 的技术想要美化工具条的外观非常有难度;
通过 DrawThemeText 绘制文本时所产生的光晕要比开启了毛玻璃效果时窗口标题栏的光晕淡、在黑色背景上即使有光晕也很难看清黑色的问题;当开启或关闭 DWM 的时候 Deskband 外观会变得异常,而使用 MSDN 上建议的解决办法也不能解决问题。

14. C# ICopyHook implementation based on CSShellExt* [vote]
Purpose: I'll need it for my application in order to provide better drag and drop support, i.e. to be able to get the drop target in Windows Explorer. See for more details why one need it.

15. ENTITY to MVC to JSON and Back again [vote]
Code samples tend to be simple and attempt to do one thing. That is mostly good. However, there are times when the whole 9 yards are needed. Here we go.
In seprate projects that DO NOT depend on any other frameworks or custom controls. Look: Tekrik's great, but the point is to learn something with all the parts visible and plain for all to see.
1. A simple DataModel in Entity 4.0 that has navagation objects. Maybe throw in an SP function complex type for a "cannot be seen on the designer function"
2. An MVC project that does the whole CRUD thing including list
2.1 using Strongly typed views
2.1.1 with a view model
2.1.2 with a plain entity
2.2 CRUD using JSON to JQuery
2.3 how to track sessions
follow each operation down to the end user, and then back up to the server

16. Sample code framework about media [vote]
I want to request some sample about media such as DirectShow, Windows media encoder to do the recording, encoding jobs (both audio/video) and can set the input source (file or device) and format of video output easier.

17. Looking For CSS class file Editor/Bulider [vote]
looking for sample that i can build or edit css files in runtime to add or modify existing css classes. it will help in working in CMS, web portal it will better to have one like visual studio or expression web style builder. i search over web much and didn't find any sample like that.

18. Application Windows [vote]
The application does not remember the last position, height or width of the application window. IMO this should be a minimum requirement of all Windows application and it get frustrating when you have to resize the windows each time you open the application. Especially since the default height/width does not work very well on some screens - top of screen is outside screen, and bottom edge is under the taskbar.



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