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Are you frustrated by the lack of code samples for a certain programming task?
Have you ever wished somebody would write code samples for you based on your requests?

Today, the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework team announces a new code sample request function. This is a proactive way for our developer community to obtain code samples for certain programming tasks directly from Microsoft. We want to alleviate the frustration felt by developers.

Developers are encouraged to submit code sample requests dealing with any Microsoft development technologies to our site. At the same time, developers can now vote for newly submitted or existing code sample topics. Here’s the exciting part! Microsoft engineers will then pick the requests with the highest number of votes and provide the code samples.


This is a new function from our team. We encourage our developer community to share your feedback with us so that we can continuously improve what we offer to you.



How do I request a code sample from the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework team?

Step 1: Visit the All-In-One Code Framework sample request portal and sign in with your CodePlex account.
Note: If you don’t have an account, you will be required to register for CodePlex.

Step 2: Once you are signed in with your CodePlex account, we encourage you to begin by searching for existing code sample requests to avoid any duplication with other developer requests.


If you find a relevant code sample topic that has already been submitted, you can add your comments to the request and vote for it. The code sample requests with the highest number of votes have the strongest chance to be turned into code samples by Microsoft.


Step 3: If you cannot find any relevant sample request in the portal, please click the Create New Item button. Fill out the form to submit a sample request.


In the Description, please tell us the purpose of the sample. Why do you think that it is necessary to create this code sample?

For example: Do you see other developers asking about the same topic? Does the topic currently lack code samples and documentation?

After you complete the form, please select Email me when someone comments or the status changes checkbox, and Save it.

You will be notified about any updates to the request.


How do Microsoft engineers determine the eligibility of a code sample topic?

Microsoft engineers will pick the requests with the highest number of votes. Then, they’ll evaluate the sample topic to see if it is appropriate for a code sample. Finally, Microsoft engineers will create the code sample and share it in All-In-One Code Framework.

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  1. Cheval says:

    Thank you for taking on my suggestion. The next part I was going to create myself in a website that grouping by programming subject, list scenarios and allow registered users to vote on and provide their own samples and tutorials. That way in distributing the work load of creating them. The reason for this is that there are lots of blogs doing this but no centralised place to find them. I was going to have the site link to the authors blog so they both get the credit and also any income for the effort. The big picture was three fold, get programmers to actually code and not copy paste, create a searchable source of scenario based tutorials and make a certification replacement as knowing multi-choice is less worth than seeing the code and the level of types of code a programmer can do.

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