Your voice makes All-In-One Code Framework better!

All-In-One Code Framework had her one-year-old birthday last month.  For those of us who are working on this new community self-help asset, it is like we gave birth to a baby. Like all parents, we take delight in hearing our child trying to utter her first unclear sounds of “Papa” or “Mama”. It is an even greater joy to watch her grow under our careful guidance and your sincere encouragements. We also take pride in seeing her desire and resolution to grow bigger and to help more people.

On this special day, special thanks are given to YOU who shared or will share feedback with us. Your voice makes All-In-One Code Framework better!

Here is a 1-min survey that collects your comments or suggestions for All-In-One Code Framework. The survey is always open to you. We appreciate your earnest feedback.;en;1759&showpage=1

Comments (1)

  1. Cheval says:

    Will there be a survey follow up? Ie. what you will take on or not and why. Nothing worse than having been asked for input to simply be dismissed without a reason.

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