Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework New Samples Updated on 2010-04-30

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is updated on 2010-04-30.

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If it’s the first time that you hear about Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, please read the introduction on our homepage,  and this Port25 article 

ASP.NET New Samples


This two samples demonstrate how to use the Charting controls in Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET 4.
<asp:chart runat="server"/>


This sample demonstrates how to build a sub-report which get data from SQL Server based on a primary key passed from the main-report, then use the ReportViewer control to show that Main/Sub report in the web page.

Windows Workflow in .NET 4 (WF4) New Samples


This sample is designed for demonstrating the difference between Parallel activity and ParallelForEach<T> activity, and the difference between ForEach<T> activity and ParallelForEach<T> activity. By using Parallel activity, we can run activities asynchronously even in one thread. By using ParallelForEach<T> activity. We can run the sub-items in ParallelForeach<T> asynchronously in one thread.

.NET Interop New Samples 

Here are two common questions from developers:

1. How to invoke a .NET assembly from native C++ Code?

2. How to invoke a native C++ DLL from a .NET assembly?

Jialiang Ge composed a summary to answer the two questions:

Invoke .NET Assembly from Native C++ Code

Invoke Native C++ DLL from .NET Code

Name  Description 
CppDynamicLinkLibrary A native C++ Dynamic-link Library
CppCLINETAssemblyWrapper C++/CLI Wrapper for .NET assembly
CppCLINativeDllWrapper C++/CLI Wrapper for native DLL
CppCallNETAssemblyWrapper C++ indirectly call .NET assembly via C/CLI wrapper
CSCallNativeDllWrapper C# indirectly call native DLL via C/CLI wrapper
VBCallNativeDllWrapper VB.NET indirectly call native DLL via C/CLI wrapper
CppHostCLR C++ host CLR and call .NET assembly

IIS New Samples


This sample demonstrates how to use Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) to configure IIS by using .Net System.DirectoryServices namespace to access IIS ADSI Provider. IIS ADSI Provider provides a set of programming interfaces that offer more powerful and flexible ways to administer your Web sites from scripts or executables.

Office New Samples

CSVstoWordDocument, VBVstoWordDocument

This sample demonstrates how to use Content Control in Word 2007 by extending VSTO documents. An Actions Panel designed personally will appear at the right side of the Word format document after the application runs. The panel has three buttons, any of which triggers an operation to the Content Control. The third button illustrates how to bind the Content Control with an XML data source.


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