Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework New Samples Updated on 2010-03-29

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is updated on 2010-05-31.

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If it’s the first time that you hear about Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, please read the introduction on our homepage,  and this Port25 article 

In this release, we also provided language-specific solutions files of each technology (e.g. All-In-One Office Samples (C#).sln, All-In-One Office Samples (VB.NET).sln, etc).

Windows Azure Samples

CSAzureServiceBusWCFDS, VBAzureServiceBusWCFDS

They demonstrate how to expose your on-premises data stored in SQL Server to the cloud. The samples also provide an ASP.NET client that you can use to test the service. You can easily convert the client to a Windows Azure Web Role, and test it in the cloud to consume your on-premises data.

CSAzureTableStorageWCFDS, VBAzureTableStorageWCFDS

They demonstrate how to expose your cloud data stored in Windows Azure Table Storage to the rest of the world using WCF Data Services. The samples also provide a Silverlight client that you can use to test the service.

CSAzureStorageRESTAPI,  VBAzureStorageRESTAPI

Sometimes you may need to use raw REST API instead of the StorageClient class provided by SDK to insert an entity to table storage without schema, or to write a "StorageClient" library in other programming languages, etc. These samples show how to generate a raw HTTP message that uses the List Blobs API. You can reuse the code to add authentication header to call other REST APIs.

CSAzureServiceBusSLRest, VBAzureServiceBusSLRest

These samples demonstrate how to expose an on-premises WCF service to an internet Silverlight client using Windows Azure platform AppFabric Service Bus. The samples create a WCF REST Service. But you can work with other types of WCF services using the same technique.


WPF Samples

CSWPFCascadeDataGridComboBoxColumns, VBWPFCascadeDataGridComboBoxColumns

The samples demonstrate how to show cascade data in the loop up list in two DataGrid combobox columns. To build and run the sample project, you need to install WPF Toolkit first.


Security Samples

CppCreateLowIntegrityProcess, CSCreateLowIntegrityProcess, VBCreateLowIntegrityProcess

The code sample demonstrates how to start a low-integrity process. The application launches itself at the low integrity level when you click the "Launch myself at low integrity level" button on the application. Low integrity processes can only write to low integrity locations, such as the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow folder or the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AppDataLow key. If you attempt to gain write access to objects at a higher integrity levels, you will get an access denied error even though the user's SID is granted write access in the discretionary access control list (DACL). By default, child processes inherit the integrity level of their parent process. To start a low-integrity process, you must start a new child process with a low-integrity access token by using CreateProcessAsUser. Please refer to the CreateLowIntegrityProcess function in the sample for details.



Inter-process Communication Samples

VBNamedPipeClient, VBNamedPipeServer

These are the VB.NET version of named pipe samples released in the past. They demonstrate passing messages between client and server processes through a named pipe.

VBFileMappingServer, VBFileMappingClient

These are the VB.NET version of file mapping samples released in the past. They demonstrate sharing data among multiple processes through a named file mapping object.


Threading Samples

CSThreadingBasic, VBThreadingBasic

They demonstrate the basic operations of threads, such as creating thread and using thread pools, in VB.NET and C#.

CSThreadingMonitor, VBThreadingMonitor

These samples demonstrate how to synchronize threads by using a Monitor object in VB.NET and C#.


Windows Application Samples


If you need complete control over the appearance of a menu item, you can use an owner-drawn menu item in your application. This VC++ code sample demonstrates creating owner-drawn menu items. The example contains a Character menu whose items display regular, bold, italic, and underline texts in custom foreground, background and highlight colors.








Data Platform Samples


VBLinqExtension sample extends the LINQ querying function. It includes several LINQ extension libraries, for example "LINQ to CSV", "LINQ to File System", "LINQ to Reflection" and "LINQ to String". "LINQ to CSV" parses the CSV file content to string type array, "LINQ to File System" can put files into different categories depending on the extension name and retrieve the largest files; "LINQ to Reflection" uses .NET Reflection to retrieve an assembly's types, properties, methods and category them. "LINQ to String" can filter the number character in the string and count the frequency of a specified word.


The VBUseADO sample demonstrates the Microsoft ADO technology to access databases using VB.NET. It shows the basic structure of connecting to a data source, issuing SQL commands, using Recordset object and performing the cleanup.

Windows Forms Samples


This sample demonstrates the common Windows Forms designer features, including Adornment, Smart tag, Custom Editor, Design time mouse/keyboard events, etc.

Design Time Smart Tag:

Custom ProperyGrid Tab:


Detect design-time mouse/keyboard events:


Adornment painting:




If you have any feedback for this release, please send it to  Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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