Introduction to the new samples in Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework 2010-02-28

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All-In-One Code Framework 2010-02-28


If it is the first time that you have heard about the All-In-One Code Framework project, please read the introduction on our homepage:


ASP.NET New Samples 



When you visiting websites, you may find some of them provide a feature called RSS Feeds. If you subscribe these RSS Feeds in your browser or some other third party software and website, you can get the latest news of the website you are interested in. In this CodeFx sample project, you could learn how to create such an RSS Feeds feature for you own site. It can inform your customer in time when there is a update in your website and give your website a better page view count.


The VBASPNETAjaxExtender sample demonstrates how to create an ASP.Net Ajax ExtenderControl by ASP.Net Ajax Extender model, which is a TimePicker to allow the user draging the minute/hour pointer to select a time of a day on a clock.


This VBASPNETFormViewUpload sample demonstrates how to display and upload images in an ASP.NET FormView control and how to implement Insert, Edit, Update,  Delete and Paging functions in the control. This project includes two pages: Default and Image.

Default populates a FormView control with data from a SQL Server database and provides UI for data manipulation.

Image is used to retrieve the image from a SQL Server database and display it in the Web page.

This sample uses the SQLServer2005DB sample database.


The sample demonstrates how to bind the ASP.NET Menu Control to the Database with VB.NET. All the contents of the Menu control are generated dynamically, if we want to add some new navigation items into the website, we only need to insert some data to the database instead of modifying the source code. It is more convenient for us to finish a navigation module.


VSX New Sample



This sample shows how to create a report using TFS Warehouse in Visual Studio. The report included in this sample display the work items age in a chart, such as 0 to 10 days, 11 to 20days and so on.


This sample demonstrates how to close the document which is already opened in another editor.

In Visual Studio, a specific editor cannot open the document which is already open by another editor.  For example, if a .cs file is already open with Code Editor, trying to open that .cs file with XML Editor will cause a dialog comes out saying "The document 'xxx.cs' is already open.  Do you want to close it?"

In this sample, it shows how to use the IVsRunningDocumentTable interface to access the RDT(Running Document Table), find out the opened document and lock it, then trying to close it, so that other editors can open the same document without the dialog prompt showing.


PowerShell New Samples


CSPowerShell, VBPowerShell

These two samples demonstrate how to run PowerShell script with C# and VB.NET


Data Platform New Samples



This sample demonstrate the basic operations to ADO.NET in VB.NET


Security New Samples



This sample demonstrate the difference between CreateProcessWithLogonW, CreateProcessWithTokenW, CreateProcessAsUser . Furthermore, how to use these three methods is also illustrated here by running a program in another account alternatively.


If you have any idea the latest  All-In-One Code Framework , please feel free to feedback in this blog. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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