All-In-One Code Framework Celebrates First Anniversary

One year ago today, a MSDN forum support engineer saw developers’ pains and initiated a sample code project named HelloWorld. In one year, this initiative is developed by the CodeFx Project Group to an "all-in-one code framework" that includes more than 300 code samples, covers almost all Microsoft development technologies, ranks 18th among 13000 open source projects on CodePlex, received numerous kudos from customers, proved its values in real support incidents, and created a lot of win-win opportunities within the corporation.

It was a fruitful year. It was also a sweatful year. The year’s endeavor was like digging a tunnel. At first everything was work, sweat and darkness. The project team had no idea when they would reach the light, or even if they would. But they persisted, they pounded and clawed and scraped, and finally they were rewarded. They saw a chink of light. And then the chink got bigger and sun came pouring in and all was bright...

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