Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework (AIO) December Summary

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework (AIO) December Summary

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework (AIO) ( December Summary.

1.      We published 7 KBs based on Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework in December.

How to use HotSpot regions in the ImageMap control in ASP.NET

How to make Office VBA code interact with a VSTO application-level add-in

How to use the Excel Automation Addin to create user defined formulas for Microsoft Office Excel

How to use Pixel Shader Effects in Silverlight 3

How to develop an out-of-process COM component by using Visual C++, Visual C#, or Visual Basic .NET

How to work with table relationships and entity inheritances in ADO.NET Entity Data Model

How to create and manipulate Microsoft Excel by using Office Automation in Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET  

Besides these, we still have another 6 being reviewed.


2.      Project got a new name!

In December, we remove the old project name “CodeFx”. And replace it with “All-In-One Code Framework (AIO)”


3.      There were 36 new samples born during December. By now, there are over 300 samples in AIO.

WPF: 8 samples

VSX: 6 samples

Silverlight: 4 samples

Service: 3 samples

Security: 3 samples

Office: 3 samples

Library: 2 samples

Workflow: 2 samples

IPC: 2 samples

Data Platform: 2 samples

IIS: 1 sample



4.      Publish a new release


5.      Nice feedback and use cases of samples


Nico (managed customer): Cool. Very good. Thank you, looks very interesting. Maybe I will allude to this in my next article or in an webcast Im working for T-Systems right now and I have shown around this page with all that nice samplesGood Job. I already found some things that are interesting for me (for private projects and for my customers) If you have other interesting things, just tell meI like every information from Microsoft!

revillusion440 (community member): I'm really impressed with the quality of this tool kit.  Well done!

Use Cases

(Successful use cases of samples in real support incidents)


Use Case



Forum Thread

The customer need to create a ATL COM object can be used in WebBrowser but not sure how to start. I know this is a ATL COM Automation task, so I open the ATLDllCOMServer sample's readme.txt, copy/paste some key…


Forum Thread

Customer feedback:

"Yep, works just fine! Much thanks for helping getting past this bottleneck."


Forum Thread

The customer needs to know how to dynamically compile codes. The CSCodeDOM sample meets his need.


Forum Thread

The customer wonders how to delete unmanaged dll after it was used with DLLImport, and AIO has a directly working sample for this!

CppFileMappingServer, CppFileMappingClient, CSFileMappingServer, CSFileMappingClient

Forum Thread

A managed customer wants to implement a native/managed process-dll communication using the  ICLRRuntimeHost interface. However, Pinvoked method must have the following signature: ...


Forum Thread

A managed customer wants to add a button on his ActiveX Control, but he doesn't know how to do it. I suggest him to take a look at the MFCActiveX sample in our CodeFx project. He then figure the issue and mark my reply as answer.


Forum Thread

The customer followed these instructions from the All-In-One Framework CodeFx sample MFCActiveX, and posted a question regarding the sample in msdn forum. Our engineer helped him out quickly.

CppUACSelfElevation, CSUACSelfElevation, VBUACSelfElevation

Forum Thread

I happened to see this old thread. Considering that OP's query in this thread is a very typical coding scenario, I have worked out code samples to demonstrate how to do the following things in three different langauges: VC++, VC#, VB.NET:CppUACSelfElevation, CSUACSelfElevation, and VBUACSelfElevation.


6.      Main project targets are stable




Starting from January, we will post samples on Windows Azure, and publish our Sample Browser Application. Stay tuned!



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