All-In-One Code Framework Release 2009-8-26: Brief introduction of new samples


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In this update, we add some Windows 7 and Windows 7 application compatibility related sample. You should install Windows 7 SDK to compile the code successfully which were written with C++.


CSWin7TriggerStartService, VBWin7TriggerStartService

Trigger-start Service is one of the biggest features of Windows 7. In Win7, Windows Service can register some transactions such as USB inserted. When these transactions are triggered, Windows Service startup or close automatically. Thus, Service startup when needed, which improves the performance of the whole system. What CSWin7TriggerStartService and VBWin7TriggerStartService demonstrated is how to develop Trigger Start Service with .Net. In the sample you can see the way of registering USB inserting transaction, and how to register the network connection and disconnection transaction.


CppWin7ShellLibrary, CSWin7ShellLibrary

Shell Library is also a new concept that is introduced from Windows 7. “Library” is birthed from “My Document” in the past version of Windows operating system. A library is a common store of user defined locations that applications can leverage to manage user content as their part of the user experience. CppWin7ShellLibrary and CSWin7ShellLibrary demonstrated how to create, open, delete and rename shell library, and how to add, delete and enumerate customized folders in shell library.


CppCheckOSVersion, CSCheckOSVersion

These two samples demonstrated how to check the current operating system version correctly. System version check have closely impact on application compatibility. By the way, the version of Windows Vista is not 7.0 or 7.1, but 6.1.



CSASPNETCascadingDropDownList sample contains two examples:

1. Use ASP.NET DropDownList control with postback.

2. Use ASP.NET DropDownList control with callback.

The first one mainly uses the SelectedIndedexChanged transaction of a father Dropdown List to bind a DropDown List; the second one mainly uses XMLHttpRequest and JavaScript to implement the DropDownList control with callback on the client side.



The sample demonstrates how to use ASP.NET validation control. There are two ways to use ASP.NET validation controls: Server-side or Client-side. The client side validation has greater performance, because it does not do some postback. If clients do not support client-side validation, we can use the server side validation instead.



TimePicker is a time selector, and users can select time by dragging the time pointer. And also, it shows the detailed procedure of creating a TimePicker Extender Control. The CSASPNETAjaxExtender sample demonstrates how to create an ASP.Net Ajax ExtenderControl, which is a TimePicker to allow the user dragging the minute/hour pointer to select a time of a day on a clock.


VBADONETDataService, VBADONETDataServiceClient

These two are the VB.Net version of ADO.Net Data Service Sample. For C# version, please refer to CSADONETDataService and CSADONETDataServiceClient.


CSXmlSerialization, VBXmlSerialization

This sample shows how to serialize an in-memory object to a local xml file and how to deserialize the xml file back to an in-memory object using C# and VB.



The Splash Screen sample demonstrates how to achieve splash screen effect in Windows Forms application.

Solution 1: Application.Run a splash screen window before you Application.Run an application main window.

Solution 2: add a new reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic, implement the user-defined splash screen by Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices.WindowsFormsApplicationBase class.


Finally, if you have any suggestion and feedback on our new version All-in-One Code Framework, please feel free to let us know here.



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