2009-4-27 release of All-In-One Code Framework

The newest version of All-In-One Code Framework comes out, http://cfx.codeplex.com/Wiki/View.aspx?title=All-In-One%20Code%20Framework%20Examples

Download link, http://cfx.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=25973


What is New? There are 17 samples added or modified in this version. The following is detailed information,


This sample shows how to write a MFC ActiveX control that can be hosted in a web page. In this release, according to customers' feedbacks, we add sample codes to show how to call a page's javascript from the ActiveX control. There are two related posts,

JavaScript callback in ActiveX Template Library newsgroup

pass Javascript callback into MFC ActiveX in ActiveX Template Library newsgroup



This sample illustrates how to write a C++/CLI wrapper for native C++, so that the functions in native C++ dll can be easily accessed from .NET application


3.CSSocketServer, CSSocketClient

These two samples tell how to write socket samples via C#


4. CSAutomateWord, VBAutomateWord, CppAutomateWord, VBAutomateExcel, CppAutomateExcel, CSAutomateOutlook, VBAutomateOutlook

These are Office Automation series for different Office products via different languages.



This sample shows how to use VSTO runtime's ServerDocument class to attach, remove VSTO customization, as well as retrieve customized Office document's information.



Native C++ redirect console sample



A very cool sample regarding to WinForm Designer project implementation.


8.CSEncryption, CSDigitalSignature

These two samples are Cryptography related. CSEncryption illustrates how to an encryption via C#, while CSDigitalSignature is digital signature related as its name indicates.



This is the first WPF related sample in the All-in-One Code Framework program. It shows the recommended pattern of the worker/UI thread. Since WPF becomes more and more popular, we are planning to add more WPF sample projects. 

If you have any comments or feedbacks on the project, you are welcome to leave a comment here.


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