ReSharper 7 is Released

I got a note in my inbox a few days ago saying that ReSharper 7 had been released. I was pretty surprised since I assumed they still had a ton of kinks to work out, but I’ve got it installed and am flying through some Windows 8 development and haven’t run into any glitches so far.

I’m kind of always excited about ReSharper, but here are a few reasons why version 7 is keeping my fire lit.

It supports VS 2012 and Windows 8 apps. It works with any of the last few versions of Visual Studio even when they’re installed side by side. It’s impressive that VS 2012 is not even released yet and R# is all over it. Not only does it work in VS 2012, but it support Asynchronous Solution Loading so it starts up faster, it uses the Preview tab, and it supports both the light and dark themes.

It gives you a hierarchical view of your CSS. Sweet. Look at this…

…and I noticed that it shows a little glyph next to CSS rules that are overriding the a rule elsewhere. That’s helpful.

Version 7 allows you to remove unused references from your entire solution at once.

Also, it adds a ton of support for JavaScript. It extends VS’s native IntelliSense for JavaScript. The ability for anyone to make IntelliSense for such an insanely dynamic language is beyond me for sure. It even added support for Jasmine unit testing.

There’s quite a bit more that it offers that I haven’t shared here, so check it out. This is one tool you should just throw down on, because it’s worth it. Another tool you should throw down on is CorelDRAW, but that’s another topic for another blog post.

Finally, I like their little catch phrase – More color to Visual Studio. If you’re familiar with the story around the color in Visual Studio between the developer preview and the release preview then you’ll have to laugh. And the “7” is made of little colored tiles. Groovy.

What's New in ReSharper 7

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