ReSharper 7 EAP in Visual Studio 11

I used to think that Visual Studio had an incredible set of keyboard shortcuts and productivity features. Then I installed ReSharper. Now a vanilla install of Visual Studio feels a bit vanilla.

Sure all of the refactorings are awesome, but what I end up missing when I’m missing R# is the little stuff. It’s the extend and shrink selection (Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow/Left Arrow). It’s the next and previous member (Alt + Up/Down Arrow).

With R# 7 EAP, as with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I installed it the same day it was available. I was thrilled at first too – ready to blaze through my Windows 8 projects at the speed of sharp. But I discovered shortly that my IntelliSense was not working. For JavaScript behind Metro apps, I got an IntelliSense menu, but the entries were all wrong. And an acquaintance had the same issue. This was a deal breaker and I sadly uninstalled R# from my machine.

Today I tried again and low and behold everything works! So my mood swing is back at its acme and I’m ready to blaze through the code again.

Here’s the link to the EAP:

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