Let’s Go MoDev!

Next week, I'm going to be joining a few folks from my team and a bunch of folks from Seattle for MoDev's next conference right here in our sunny city.

MoDev is the conference to attend if you're involved in development, design, or event marketing for the mobile tablet market, and really who isn't these days? Even the auto body shop down the street needs a mobile app. Everybody needs a mobile app.

The conference is going to be graced by experts from the likes of Amazon, Samsung, Zillow, Rovio, and many more.

You can go here to register for the conference if you haven't already.

Personally, I'll be talking about creating native applications for Windows 8 using the web development platform. On most tablet platforms, you can find some way to eek out an app if you favor the web languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but in every case except for Windows 8, that app is going to be wrapped in a browser and confined to the inherent limitations of said browser. Tools like PhoneGap map a number of functions from JavaScript into the various platform specific nomenclature, but on Windows 8 your JavaScript is sitting directly on the kernel.

If you're interested in learning more about this topic or any other the other talks at MoDevTablet, register now and I'll see you there!

Register here

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