Children of the Nations

I've worked with Children of the Nations (COTNI) in the past and they are a very cool organization.

At one point, my wife and I and some friends volunteered for their Meal Marathon – an extremely grassroots effort to get food to hungry kids. The program wasn't a hundred layers of abstraction away from the actual goal – feeding hungry kids. Instead it was a simple matter of putting food in bags, putting bags in boxes, putting boxes in a shipping container, and shipping the container to Sierra Leone and the Dominican Republic. So simple… so helpful.

Right now and until June 12, COTNI needs donations of the following items…

  • School backpacks
  • School SmilePacks
  • Hygiene SmilePacks
  • Solar-powered flashlghts
  • Soccer cleats (any size)
  • Baseball cleats (any size)
  • Soccer balls
  • Soccer ball pumps
  • Baseballs
  • Baseball gloves

If you live anywhere near Silverdale, WA and would like to help get these items to the kids that need them, please go to and get more information.

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