A Grand Voyage

I'm not far from setting sail in a 38' boat for what promises to be an epic voyage by my standards. I have done plenty of sailing, but entirely within sight of land.
<aside>The sight of land is quite an encouragement when you're in a boat. Even when a swim for shore isn't remotely possible, it's warming to imagine it is.</aside>
This last weekend, I took my family down to Westport, WA to have a look at the boat and meet some of the crew. All of the logistics are falling into place and one day in early August I'll shove off, head offshore, and not stop until we reach San Diego. That's about a 1200 mile trek. I won't be tweeting or blogging during the voyage (except the scheduled stuff), but I will be taking plenty of GoPro footage which I'll attempt to share.

Here's to fair southerly winds!

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