What do you want to see in the second edition of Framework Design Guidelines?

Krzysztof and Brad have announced they are working on the second edition of the awesome Framework Design Guidelines and are looking for feedback on what they should put in it. For those that don’t know, a lot of our Code Analysis rules are based on the writings in this great book, so expect to see…


Krzysztof Cwalina on Framework Design Guidelines and API Design

A lecture on API design by Krzysztof Cwalina (the brains behind the Framewok Design Guidelines) has been posted on the Research Channel. This class presents best practices for designing frameworks that are reusable object-oriented libraries. The guidelines are applicable to frameworks ranging in size and in their scale of reuse from large system frameworks to small…


Free ‘Writing Quality Code’ e-book (with information on both Native and Managed Code Analysis)

Some of the local Australian developers have got together and written a e-book on Writing Quality Code with Visual Studio Team System. It contains chapters on both Native and Managed Code Analysis, as well unit and web testing, performance-tuning and custom check-in policies. You can download the e-book from here (you will need to install the reader first)….


Free sample book chapter on Managed Code Analysis

SearchVB.com is offering  a free sample chapter on Managed Code Analysis from the book Professional Visual Studio Team System (co-written by fellow Team System colleague Noah Coad). Chapter 8, Managed Code Analysis, focuses on how to use Team System’s Static Code Analysis tool for C# or VB.NET code. This tool checks code for adherence to Microsoft’s…