FxCop 1.36 Released!

We are pleased to announce that we've released the next version of FxCop. This release has a number of changes since FxCop 1.36 Beta 2, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Bug fixes that reduce noise, missing analysis and rule crashes.

  • New portability rule: Use Only API from Targeted Framework.  This rule will fire when the target assembly taking a dependency on a new API only included in a later version or in a service pack.

    • New option for new portability rule for selecting target framework for analysis.

      • Set the target framework in the UI via Project -> Option -> Spelling & Analysis -> Target Framework

      • Set the target framework on the command-line via the /targetframeworkversion switch. e.g: /targetframeworkversion:v2.0, /targetframeworkversion:v3.0, or /targetframeworkversion:v3.5

Compared with FxCop 1.35, FxCop 1.36 Beta 2 had changes including, but not limited to, the following:

  • 200+ bug fixes that reduce noise, missing analysis and rule crashes

  • New option for skipping analysis over tool generated code 

    • Turn this on in the UI via Project -> Options -> Spelling & Analysis -> Suppress analysis results against generated code

    • Turn this on on the command-line via the /ignoregeneratedcode switch. 

  • Better support for C++/CLI and the Compact Framework

  • Language 'friendly' API names in the UI and resolutions (ie Visual Basic syntax if running over a Visual Basic binary)

  • New globalization, design and usage rules

  • Performance improvements that cut analysis by 2x and use half as much memory

  • Documentation that is now available on MSDN

There are also some other underlying changes that we will talk about in some future posts. 


Download it, and tell us what you think. If you have any feedback, bug reports or any questions, feel free to head over to the Code Analysis forum and ask away.



Note:  If you already have FxCop 1.36 Beta 2 installed, please uninstall it first before you install FxCop 1.36. Otherwise, you may see an error when you install FxCop 1.36 on top of FxCop 1.36 Beta 2.

If you accidentally install FxCop 1.36 without uninstalling FxCop 1.36 Beta 2, please go to Add/Remove program to uninstall FxCop 1.36, and reinstall FxCop 1.36.

[EDIT] Note: FxCop 1.36 RTM shipped with additional tracing turned on.  This can make the FxCop output harder to read.  To turn tracing off, edit the FxCop.exe.config or FxCopCmd.exe.config files in the FxCop install directory.  Find the line that contains <add name="Trace" value="2" /> and change the "2" to "0".

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  1. TSW says:

    So… do you still need the $X,000 version of Visual Studio to install this component inline, or can it finally work as a plugin for mere mortals?

  2. Rob263 says:

    Can I replace the built-in CodeAnalysis in my VS2008 Team Edition with this version?

  3. davkean says:

    Rob – I’ve answered this in the comments over on my blog: http://davesbox.com/archive/2008/08/17/fxcop-1-36-released.aspx.

  4. davkean says:

    Rob – I’ve answered this in the comments over on my blog: http://davesbox.com/archive/2008/08/17/fxcop-1-36-released.aspx.

  5. Esta versión es una actualización de FxCop 1.36 Beta 2 cual incluye lo siguiente: · Arreglos, faltas

  6. CoqBlog says:

    J’en avais parlé là suite à l’apparition du téléchargement sur le Download Center , et le team Code Analysis

  7. Ian says:


    Why o Why does this require admin access to install ? Since I started work at a large company with Developer machines locked to poweruser I’ve run into this many times but kinda expected more from Microsoft. its not hard to make an installer that will install cleanly per user and if it really really needs admin for some reason then allow a degraded mode for per-user that does not have the admin-requiring features.

  8. Ian says:

    Oh great 1.35 requires admin as well. Last time I ran FxCop I don’t recall any features that would require admin access. Static scanning of assemblies off disk doesn’t seem like it would need that kind of access. Even a zip release of the binaries would be great.

  9. Just a quickie; the "Get our latest bits" link on the left still points to Beta 2…

  10. Marcin says:

    Unfortunatelly I am not able to install new version of FxCop… the setup told me, that I need "Windows XP Service Pack 2" to continue setup. The problem is that I am trying to install FxCop on *Vista* system…

  11. Haiying Xu says:

    Marcin, I just installed FxCop 1.36 on Vista, and didn’t see the message you got. Is your machine has multiple OS installed? And do you have any previous version of FxCop installed on this machine?

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