FxCop 1.35 now available (again) for download

We've just uploaded FxCop 1.35 to MSDN Code Gallery after we lost our home on GotDotNet - this is for those teams that either do not want to or just aren't ready to upgrade to FxCop 1.36 Beta.

For those that are already using FxCop 1.35, you'll probably notice that we flicked the switch to cause it to prompt you to download FxCop 1.36. We've love you to download it and try it out (it can be installed side-by-side without any issues with FxCop 1.35). If you hit any bugs, issues or just have some feedback about the new or existing versions of FxCop, feel free to head over to the Code Analysis forum and post away.

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  1. .NETicated says:

    There have been a number of questions on the MSDN forums about where one might download FXCop version

  2. Greg says:

    Check that constants are made up only of other constants.  I ran into an ASP.NET application that had a constant that called the framework to get a string from a web.config value.  This caused an exception in the designer (it was an ASP.NET user control) since the designer doesn’t know where to get the web.config file.  

    One big addition would be to list methods that should be marked private.

    Another valuable addition would be to list methods that should be static (i.e., need no member variables or class instance).

    We’ve been cleaning up a 150,000+ line asp.net 1.x application and finding lots of poor coding practices (e.g., duplicate code for each of several hundred finally blocks that needs to close a sql connnection, constants that are not used or used only in 1 place, unreferenced variables, unused properties, functions with no body, etc.)

    This would greatly help us given the large amount of cut and paste duplicate code the earlier offshore  team implemented.

  3. Bala says:

    For Code refactor

  4. CoqBlog says:

    Suite à la disparition de GotDotNet, FxCop 1.35 n’était disponible que pour ceux qui en avaient conservé

  5. As many of you know, FxCop is static code analysis tool that we originally wrote to ensure the .NET Framework

  6. Programming says:

    As many of you know, FxCop is static code analysis tool that we originally wrote to ensure the .NET Framework

  7. Im using FxCop 1,36 beta and i really find FxCop an excellent tool for software diciplin…

    … two question concerning vs2005/2008:

    which FxCop-version are used in these sw-packages; is there an automated updateprocess?

    regards from germany and keep on writing!


  8. Bart Read says:

    I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but having just installed the 1.36 beta, I find that I’m unable to open any source file in the Location field by clicking on the hyperlink. For example, this just doesn’t work at all:


    The reason is that the %20 gets inserted into the filename you try to open, instead of the required space, so you end up with:


    I’m not sure why ’25’ appears in the URI either.

    I know it’s probably not the most significant bug find in the world, but believe me, if you’re trying to work through issues in a large number of different source files having to open them all by hand in Visual Studio does become very irritating.

    Hope this is helpful.



  9. Bart,

    Thanks for the report – this is a known issue and will be fixed for the RTM of 1.36.



  10. alberto says:

    Can you provide an alternate "extract" version besides the installable one?

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