What happened to the download and documentation of FxCop 1.35?

Update: You can now download FxCop 1.35 directly from MSDN Code Gallery

As you many you have well noticed, GotDotNet was officially retired last month now that the last of its functionality was superceded by MSDN Code Gallery. Unfortunately, at the same time, the FxCop team page, the download for FxCop 1.35 and the rule documentation was also removed.

We were told last year about the deprecation of GotDotNet and we had hoped that by now we would have had a new team site on MSDN, however, a variety of factors, some within our control and some beyond our control, prevented that from happening in time.

In the meantime, while we sort out new home for our beloved FxCop, here are a couple of workarounds:

To download FxCop

  • Upgrade to FxCop 1.36 Beta. This is one of our most stable beta's to-date; which is not surprising considering that some of the same bits also shipped in Visual Studio 2008. Go ahead, download FxCop 1.36 today - you won't be disappointed.

  • Download the Windows SDK. The Windows SDK includes the FxCop 1.35 setup. You might already have it installed if you have Visual Studio 2008, otherwise, download it. Either way, once installed, FxCop 1.35 setup can be found via Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Windows SDK [Version] -> Tools -> Install Microsoft FxCop.

 To view the documentation

  • MSDN Library. Both the FxCop documentation and rule documentation are available on the MSDN Library.

  • Installed Help. FxCop 1.35 comes with a CHM (pronounced 'chum') containing FxCop and rule documentation. Albeit a little out-of-date when compared to the online version, access it via Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft FxCop 1.35 -> FxCop Documentation or via Help -> Using Microsoft FxCop inside FxCop.

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  1. Sean McLellan says:

    Seriously. There’s something wrong with your process if it takes an entire YEAR to find a new home already-released code.

    *cough *cough* Agility? *cough* *cough*

    Ever get the feeling that others are eating your lunch?

  2. vermorel says:

    I am also a bit puzzled by this situation. FxCop is an excellent tool. It’s a bit weird to see such an important tool lacking from a proper website.

  3. One could take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tools_for_static_code_analysis#Commercial_products.

    A pity "Open-source products" section misses .NET products…

  4. We’ve just uploaded FxCop 1.35 to MSDN Code Gallery after we lost our home on GotDotNet – this is for

  5. We've just uploaded FxCop 1.35 to MSDN Code Gallery after we lost our home on GotDotNet – this is

  6. .NETicated says:

    General OzTFS.com – Australian Team Foundation Server online community Radio TFS – Team System Talk Radio

  7. Andrew says:

    …you have well noticed, _GotDotNet_ was officially retired…

    Don’t click on the _GotDotNet_ link as it leads to "GotDoNet" which is a advertising site with lovely pop-ups.  Try http://GotDotNet.com instead which is a MS controlled site.

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