Tutorial on writing your own Code Analysis rule

Jason Kresowaty has posted a great tutorial on writing Code Analysis/FxCop rules. He also spends time on explaining parts of the Introspection API, including the different nodes and their relationship to each other.

It's a great read, even if you've written some Code Analysis rules before. Definitely recommended.

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  1. I posted the other day that I wanted to create some static analysis rules for Visual Studio . I have

  2. Greg says:

    Has anyone compared FxCop to what static analysis tools available for embedded systems in C++?  Those tools are 20+ years old and find an amazing amount of poor code and/or errors.  I’d like to se e MS invest heavily in static code analysis tools because it can only a) benefit MS to produce much better code and b) make MS development tools much much better.

  3. CoqBlog says:

    Voici une documentation qui devrait faire plaisir à ceux qui veulent écrire des règles pour FxCop ou

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