Code Analysis (Team System) MSDN Chat Roundup

Another successful Team System chat with over 150+ questions asked. Thank-you to everyone that attended.

The following is a list of Code Analysis questions that were asked:

DavidKean_MS (Moderator):
Q: any ETA for a FxCop SDK ?
A: I assume you mean a supported, documented and stable API? Unfortunately, there is no currently plan in the Orcas timeframe to make this a supported scenario; it will remain an off-road experience. Is this something you see as important? What kind of rules do you write?

DavidKean_MS (Moderator):
Q: re q[6]: well.. I just started looking into it.. but due to the lack of information it seems like way more work than it should be to create something but the simplest rules.. One rule that comes to mind is to check event raising function that they surrounded with a try-catch.
A: We do plan on releasing more guidance, samples and whitepapers around this in the future. Until then, feel free to stop by on the FxCop forum ( Also check-out the regularly updated FxCop blog ( and keep a watch out for a Code Analysis Developer Center in the future.

DavidKean_MS (Moderator):
Q: For Code Analysis, will future releases have more rules included?  For example, I think there are items in Framework Design Guidelines that are not currently checked that we would love to see (without doing it ourselves ;)?
A: Of course, we have some great new analysis coming on board. You will see more analysis around Exception throwing (especially those covered in the following post:, and naming (see We will also be adding more maintainability rules. We also have a completely new feature coming on board, unfortunately, it's too early to talk about it, but keep an eye out on the FxCop blog and the next CTP.

DavidKean_MS (Moderator):
Q: For code analysis is there a mechanism in Orcas to declare parts of code off limits (such as generated partial classes)? You'll have to excuse me I have not looked to see about that in the CTP yet.
A: We've added an entire feature around generated code (see You will be able to globally turn off analysis around all generated code (indicated by the GeneratedCodeAttribute), or if you want to analysis generated code, you will be able to choose to suppress these warnings globally so that they don't get blown away when the file gets regenerated. Check it out in the latest CTP and tell us what you think!

Comments (2)

  1. Simon says:

    As the one actually asking the two first questions, I’m somewhat disappointed by the (lack of any kind of) ‘response’ to e.g.

  2. davkean says:


    When you asked a question, you actually caught us at a bad time. For the last month, we have working on our way to ZBB for Orcas. This means that things, such as answering questions about an unsupported scenario, take a back seat behind fixing bugs. 🙁

    The good news, though, is that we finished ZBB last Friday and we will be answering unanswered questions within the FxCop forum over the coming week.



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