Do yourself a favor; install Visual Studio SP1 now

While this may be old news to some, we've had a few reports recently of bugs that were already fixed in Visual Studio Service Pack 1, so it appears that not everyone is running it.

We fixed over 30+ bugs ourselves in Managed Code Analysis, so if you haven't installed it yet, set aside some time and install it now.

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  1. Keith Patrick says:

    It definitely made all of the IDE crashes go away for me. It was getting so bad that I was contemplating using Notepad for chunks of my app. The next version of VS is going to have to be rock-solid and smooth as silk to make me forget how much of a nightmare the last two releases can be when they start bogging down & misbehaving.

  2. davkean says:


    Due to the changes in how we now develop Visual Studio, we are in a lot better state in vNext (Orcas) then we were in Visual Studio 2005.



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