And now back to your regularly scheduled FxCop documentation…

As a lot of you noticed, just before Christmas all of our rule documentation links broke from within FxCop. Unfortunately, due to the timing (and with the required people on holidays), we could not get this fixed as soon as we had hoped.

However, as of early this week, the documentation should be back up and running. We apologise profusely and hope that it did not cause you too much of an inconvenience.

To those that thought we were cutting FxCop, I can assure you that the standalone will be sticking around in the future. 🙂

However, there is good news out of this; the MSDN Wiki Team have moved the MSDN wiki feature across to the main MSDN2 Library. The even better news, is that now Visual Studio users (if they have enabled live MSDN) can now view, edit and add these community blocks from within their Visual Studio help viewer. And with 33% of our rule topics already with at least 1 community content block,  check it out!

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