FAQ: How do I increase the number of Code Analysis warnings displayed in the Error List? [David Kean]

When first running Visual Studio Code Analysis over a large project, you may encounter the following error:

   CA0503: Additional warnings cannot be displayed.

By default, a maximum of 200 warnings are displayed in the Error List. You can increase this amount by modifying the following registry value:


Simply set this to a value that suits your needs.

Comments (4)

  1. Great feature. We just enabled Code Analysis on a long running project and we have over 200 exceptions. It’s nice to know exactly how many we have and watch it decrease as we make progress.

    However, the error list limit is logically a user preference, not a machine preference and should be located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, not HKLM. Developing as non-admins it is more important that it is a user preference.

  2. The Visual Studio Team System User Education blog has a walkthrough of creating a visual studio setup…

  3. Jeffrey van Gogh says:

    Jason> Actually, the limit is a machine preference as the errorlist cannot handle too many messages based on the machine’s performance. 200 is the number we found to work well for the minimal specs requirements of Visual Studio.

  4. Jason says:

    Thanks Jeffrey. It’s good to see you’ve thought about the user vs machine setting and can justify it rather than hoping everyone is admin. I guess the argument for user vs machine could go either way for that setting but ultimately we should just focus on fixing our code to have less problems. 🙂

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