FxCop 1.35 RC1 online

Last week we had a push to fix many of the issues reported on the forum and include them in the FxCop 1.35 release. 32 bugs later, we have a release candidate ready.

The code changes between FxCop 1.35 Beta 1 and  RC 1 range from simple bugs such as updating the copyright notice, to as complicated as the addition of 3 new rules around Security Transparency

Many of the fixes made between 1.35 Beta 1 and RC 1 fall in the following categories:

  • Several security rules fixes (expect new analysis of existing rules)

  • Noise reduction of several rules

  • UI behavior

  • C++ analysis noise reduction

  • Generics support

  • Better handling of invalid urls in the rule metadata

Please download the RC from gotdotnet and let us know what you think of this RC on the forum.




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  1. Matthew Phillips says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    What’s the relationship between this release of FxCop and the Code Analysis feature of Visual Studio 2005?

    I’m aware that Code Analysis uses FxCop "under the hood", but what would happen if I installed this release of FxCop on a Visual Studio 2005 machine with the Code Analysis feature present? Would the rules used by Code Analysis be automatically updated to the 1.35 rule set?

    Finally, what are the differences between the Code Analysis and FxCop 1.35 rule sets?



  2. The availablility of FxCop 1.35 RC1 has just been announced on the FxCop blog. You can download…

  3. davkean says:


    Short answer is no, Visual Studio won’t use the new FxCop version.

    For more information regarding the differences between Visual Studio Code Analysis and FxCop, see this forum thread: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=300185&SiteID=1.

  4. Download latest Ajax.NET Professional [Via: Michael Schwarz ]

    Eraser v5.8 – Cool Security…

  5. Sam Gentile says:

    The FxCop Blog reports that the 1.35 RC is on gotdotnet and they want feedback on the RC on the forum.

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  7. Arno Nel says:


    Omea 2.2 (code name Frascati) EAP is open

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  9. FxCop 1.35 RC1 is out!!!


    Here are some of the differences

    Many of the fixes made between 1.35…


    Web Resources


    [Mobile and Embedded Development] Microsoft…

  11. Ravi Joshi says:

    Where can I find the diffrences between FxCop 1.32 and FxCop1.35 (Satic Code Analyzer of VSTS).

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