FxCop 1.30 and creating custom rules using Introspection Engine [Michael Murray]

As John MacKenzie pointed out on the GotDotNet FxCop message board, John Robbins has a great article in the June issue of MSDN magazine on FxCop 1.30 and custom rules using the new Introspection engine. Check it out at http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/06/Bugslayer/default.aspx .

Comments (2)

  1. Stefan says:

    It’s quite funny to read about the issues with the Introspection engine he had and how he used Reflector to resolve it. Why did you invent another API for this instead of just using System.Reflection or the Reflector interfaces?

  2. Stefan says:

    I just found another similar article:


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