FxCop at TechEd04 (May 23-28, San Diego, CA)

Shamu will be nearby

Even Steve Ballmer will be there

(Great images from Korby Parnell to commemorate the occasion 😉

Morning folks - We'll be down San Diego way at TechEd 2004 to talk about FxCop 1.30 and Code Correctness for .NET - Here's an outline of the talk we're planning:

Abstract:  Code Correctness with FxCop 1.3

Description: The FxCop tool and the .NET Design Guidelines can help you understand the finer points of the .NET Framework and help ensure best practices on your development team.  In this session we'll show you how to incorporate this popular tool and the guidelines into your development team process.   We'll also demonstrate new features in the just-released 1.30 version including multithreaded- and data flow-based analysis, UI improvements, new rules and improved usability with Visual Studio, as well as a discussion on how to create your own custom rules for FxCop

If you're considering going to TechEd,  I'd really recommend it.  It is a bit different from TechEds past in that it is more balanced between Developer- and IT-focus (traditionally PDC was/is the big “developer“ event), hence the FxCop talk.   There will be some heavy hitters from the CLR Team down there including some of our Performance architects and folks from the Base Class Libraries (BCL) team so it is a great chance to engage the experts directly.

Of course if you do go I'd love to hook up with you and talk about FxCop and your experiences/frustrations and wish list for the tool - Feel free to drop me a line.


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