Simplified FxCop Rules SDK [Michael Fanning]

As mentioned previously here and elsewhere, we’re planning to improve and simplify several aspects of FxCop’s extensibility model. This is the first of a series of threads about those improvements, in order to solicit feedback and give custom rules developers a heads up on the coming changes. Here’s the new simplified IIntrospectionRule interface:  public interface…


Simplified FxCop Report XML

XSL authors out there have surely noticed that FxCop’s report XML is extremely hierarchical and has relationships expressed in it that aren’t relevant to most presentation purposes. So, we’ve simplified the XML greatly. Here’s a breakdown of how targets are represented <Targets> <Target>  <Modules>   <Module>   <Namespaces>    <Namespace>    <Types>     <Type>     <Members>      <Member>…


Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System announced @ Teched today [Jeffrey van Gogh]

This morning @ Teched, Steve Ballmer announced “Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System“. Definately something for users of both VS & FxCop to take a look at: If you’re @ Teched, don’t forget to visit Michael Murray’s talk on FxCop 1.30 today, May 24 3:15 PM- 4:30 PM, Cabana 05. For more information about VS…


Analyzing &quot;Whidbey&quot; binaries in fxcop [Jeffrey van Gogh]

As the “Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview March 2004” of the next release of the .NET framework (codename “Whidbey”) has been made available to customers recently. We expect people to want to analyze their projects made with this preview version in FxCop. The last few months the FxCop team has spent quite some time making…


FxCop 1.30 released [Jeffrey van Gogh]

Hi All, We just released FxCop 1.30! Please visit to download it. main features: -No more locks on assemblies or pdbs-Ability to resolve missing dependencies -Ability to analyze just about anything running just about anywhere-Analysis is now multi-threaded. And can be cancelled (via UI or due to exceeding an exceptions threshold).-New, powerful data flow…


FxCop at TechEd04 (May 23-28, San Diego, CA)

Shamu will be nearby Even Steve Ballmer will be there (Great images from Korby Parnell to commemorate the occasion 😉 Morning folks – We’ll be down San Diego way at TechEd 2004 to talk about FxCop 1.30 and Code Correctness for .NET – Here’s an outline of the talk we’re planning: Abstract:  Code Correctness with FxCop 1.3…


FxCop in Auld Reekie (Edinburgh, Scotland) [Michael Murray]

Craig Murphy will be doing a presentation on FxCop for the Scottish Developers User Group on Wednesday Feb. 25.  He will be providing an overview of FxCop and the .NET Design Guidelines using C# and Delphi 8.  More information can be found here:    


FAQ: Why does FxCop generate violations against itself? [Michael Fanning]

We recently received a question regarding why FxCop violations occur against itself. This topic has already been partly covered by but since there are a few FxCop-specific details for this variant of the question, I thought I’d post some additional comments. —–Original Message—–From: <MS Consultant> Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 12:39 PMTo: FxCop TeamSubject: FxCop turned…