Recovering the pictures from a PPT file


The PPT file format is very well documented as per Microsoft’s Open Specification Promise. However, accessing any part of a PPT file isn’t really a snap.

I’ve created a small C# program which parses the \Pictures stream from a PPT file. For that, one needs to:

  • Extract the Pictures stream from the PPT OLE storage
  • Parse the stream according to the OfficeArtFBSE format
  • Extract all the binary pictures according to format: WMF, EMF, PNG, JPG


This can be used for damaged PPT files where the shapes that contain pictures can’t be viewed anymore.

Comments (5)

  1. Abc says:

    Save as pptx and unzip pptx

  2. Hi Abc,

    Yes, if the file is not damaged, that's a good alternative. The problem comes when the PPT file is damaged (the shapes that reference the images are broken) because then PowerPoint will just display a red X or something and the images are lost upon conversion.


  3. Greg Duncan says:

    Thanks for including the source with the binary… I really appreciate that extra step. 🙂

  4. DannyRogers21 says:

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  5. GingerJolis says:

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