Building a SharePoint Development Machine Using the Easy Setup Script on SharePoint Sideshow

Now that the Office 365 Training Course is available for the Office 365 beta, I’m putting together a blog post on setting of a development environment for Office 365.  A good place to start is either setting up a SharePoint VM, using the 2010 Information Worker VMs (native boot is a great way to go for VMs), or using the new SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script.  The Easy Setup Script installs all the SharePoint 2010 development components either locally of onto a native boot VHD without a lot of manual labor.  Details on the SharePoint Sideshow episode and video below!



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  1. wsbrody says:

    I have a window seat 7 machine that was purchased for the reason of installing this special development machine for 2010 SP. It does provide a nice suite of tools one installed. There are some fundamental problems an SP novice like myself has.

    1. Since its a windows 7 machine there's no AD. Adding administrators to your machine does help.

    2. Office 2010 32 bit fails to install, and this should not be a problem for a 64 bit machine .

    So without users to be secondary farm administrators it's impossible to create site collections

    And without office 2010, well that's at least a third or the supporting technology.  

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