Programming for Unified Communications Excerpts now on MS Press Blog

If you’d like a taste of the book, check out some excerpts here.

The book has not been released yet, but it available for preorder just about everywhere geeky/techy books are sold, like here.




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  1. Kris says:

    Wondering if you will provide instructions as to how to set OCS for development on a VM environment? What I find is the with products like Speech Server, OCS they require a lot of hardware/infrastructure. Why can’t MS provide something along the lines of Software emulators (like you do for mobile development) in order for the community to build solutions and share with the world.

  2. Hi, Chris.  The book is now available (i.e., no longer on preorder status).  Thanks!

  3. Kris,

    There is a chapter in the Programming for Unified Communications book ( that covers this.  I’ll post a blog specific to the VMs I’ve discussed in other posts.  But, to really understand the infrastructure issues, check out that chapter.


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