We’d like your feedback…

If you attended my session on the Office Communicator Automation API, I’m going to be posting the community project for this API on CodePlex soon.  The rest of the community project team and I are reviewing/discussing some last minute details…


In the mean time, we’d like to get your feedback on what it’s like to be a developer using the Unified Communication platform SDKs.  We’ve put together a short survey with Frost and Sullivan to make it as easy as possible for you to give us feedback. 


For example, what UC applications have you developed?  What communication features or scenarios are most important to you? What other communications tools besides Microsoft’s Unified Communications products (like Office Communications Server, Office Communicator and Exchange) are you using?  What could we do could do to better help the UC developer community?


If you are a developer of Unified Communications applications such as OCS and Communicator, we’d appreciate you taking 10 minutes and to fill out this survey:


When you click the link you will be directed to a secured site hosted by Frost and Sullivan to fill out the survey.  The site requires cookies to be enabled.  Your individual responses will be kept confidential and anonymous.


We’ll use the results of this survey to shape our plans around developing resources to help you build enterprise software using the Microsoft Unified Communications platform.




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