Something to add to your UC toolbox…

While OCS 2007 is a third generation product (LCS 2003, LCS 2005 and now OCS 2007), it's not as commonly known in the industry as Exchange or SQL Server 2007.  I get a lot of questions when I'm working with developers on how to setup and secure an OCS 2007 deployment.

 So, where do you get the necessary skills to set up OCS 2007 as your IM, voice, video and conferencing server?

The OCS 2007 Resource Kit is a great place to start.  There is enough great information here that you can crack the cover without any infrastructure set up and finish with OCS 2007 deployed.

Great resource.  If you have any other resources you found useful, post a comment.  I'd love to hear about them...

I'll post some details about my development environment here ASAP, since I get questions on that quite a bit as well.

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