HTC Advantage

I'm at TechEd (which I'll post on when we wrap up), and I was sitting in a session next to a guy who was reading his email with a HTC Advantage.  I asked him how he liked it.  He had great things to say about the device.  He loved the 5" screen (big and bright), the VGA out for doing PowerPoint (he mentioned he even used the 5" screen for 1:1 presentations, very cool) and thought the kb was great as well (though not something you could touch type on).  The device runs Windows Mobile 5.0.

For me, the coolest part of it was that it supports 3G and has a webcam on the front. 

With these type of devices and wireless enabled UMPCs with webcams, there seems to be a trend in progress where more and more people will carry around hardware for communications that support both voice and video.

The really interesting thing to think about is that both run the .NET Framework (full and compact).  Your code and VOIP/UC on a device you can easily carry like a hardcover book that run .NET code?  Cool!

I'm going to head down the hall to the OMC product team when I get back to the office to see what devices we'll be supporting for mobile voice/video.

I'll get back you...

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