Code for WIC WMPhoto

The sample code for the previous post is available here. If you’re looking into developing with WIC or image processing on Vista, check out the WPF Imaging video on channel 9.


Windows Media Photo and WIC

Vista includes support for a new image format named Windows Media Photo.  This image format consists of a codec (offering features such as lossless encoding, high dynamic range encoding, highly efficient operation…) and a new container format.  In other words, lots of features to make you want to try it out.  My aim for this…


Code for WPF WebCam

The sample code for the previous post is available here. What would I change about this sample?  The main thing is that the DirectShow initialisation occurs inside BuildWindowCore, which occurs very early in the creation of the UI.  This initialisation could fail looking for a WebCam, or having found one fail to build a suitable…


Using a webcam in WPF

A colleague asked how to capture video from a webcam in WPF.  I find it’s a lot more enjoyable to learn about a technology by having something to aim for and this seemed an ideal project. So what tools are at our disposal to write a WPF application that will show the live output from…


That tricky first post

I’ve set up the blog account and I’m sitting here trying to create this first post.  As someone working in technology and software development I had high expectations that every post would be a beautifully crafted, innovative example of the use of best practice to a ground breaking technology.  The fact that the first post is going to…