A Few Good GC Links

I keep a GC folder in my Favorites full of links to articles and blog posts about the .NET GC.  I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate them all into one blog post, for handy reference.  These are the articles I most often post as answers to questions on public newsgroups.
If you know of any other good ones, please post them in the comments!  If you find some totally erroneous articles, point them out too.

GC Overview and Best Practices:
Garbage Collection (parts 1 & 2): Automatic Memory Management in the Microsoft .NET Framework
Jeffrey Richter

Implementing Finalize and Dispose to Clean Up Unmanaged Resources
.NET Framework General Reference

Chris Brumme

Turning off the garbage collector
Chris Brumme

Garbage Collector Basics and Performance Hints
Rico Mariani

Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability: Chapter 5 — Improving Managed Code Performance
J.D. Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, Ashish Babbar, Rico Mariani, and Alex Mackman

Mid-life crisis
Rico Mariani

Two things to avoid for better memory usage
Rico Mariani

Using GC Efficiently - Parts 1 & 2
Maoni Stephens

Edit: Added link to Maoni's GC posts.

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  1. Daniel Moth says:

    … and if you are developing for the Compact Framework (where things are always different), the best GC referecne is this blog entry:


  2. Chris Lyon says:

    Great link Daniel. I guess I should make it clear that I don’t work on the Compact Framework or Rotor (but I am learning, so hopefully I’ll be able to answer more questions).

  3. Chris Lyon’s WebLog: A Few Good GC Links…

  4. Ash says:

    Has anyone seen this phenomenon where garbage collection is triggered when switching to a task (which is accumulating memory) using the task manager ?

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