Windows Server 2012 Storage Migration for Cluster Managed Virtual Machines

Storage migration is a new feature in Windows 8 Server that allows moving the files for a virtual machine (VM) to a new location while the VM is running.  For example, suppose your VM’s files are currently on a SAN volume, but the SAN storage device is being retired.  A new SAN is deployed and… Read more

Virtualization Career Training Opportunities

Virtualization Career TrainingOn Tuesday, October 4th Technical Evangelists Symon Perriman and Rick Claus are hosting an online conference on Virtualization Career Training with Microsoft Learning.  This half day virtual event (8am – 11am PST) will offer a Level 100 to 200 introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft Virtualization and how it… Read more

Managing Hardware Snapshots on Failover Clusters

In this blog I will discuss how clusters identify disks and considerations of presenting a hardware snapshot of a LUN back to the same cluster. Windows Server Failover Clustering has a kernel mode driver called ClusDisk.sys that listens for PnP arrivals of new disks to the system.  When a new disk arrives ClusDisk will look… Read more

PowerShell for Failover Clustering: Finding the Drive Letter

Hi cluster scripting fans,   I often find myself looking for the drive letter(s) for a physical disk resource in a PowerShell console/script.  After a bit of investigation, here is a way to do that using Cluster WMI through PowerShell:   $DiskResourceName = “Cluster Disk 2” $DiskResource = gwmi MSCluster_Resource -Namespace root/mscluster | ?{ $_.Name… Read more

What’s new in Failover Clustering in 2008? . . . What isn’t new!

Now that Failover Clustering deployments on Windows Server 2008 are growing, and our customers are spreading the word about how easy it is, we’re getting an increasing number of questions about “what’s new in 2008?”   The short answer is – pretty much everything!  We’ve enhanced virtually every component and tried to simplify unnecessary details,… Read more

Clustering is coming to TechEd!

Hi cluster fans,   From June 9th – 13th the cluster team will be at IP Pro TechEd in Orlando, Florida.  Windows Server 2008 has been our biggest release to date and a quorum of our program managers, marketing team, and cluster MVPs will be there to educate and answer all your questions.  We will… Read more

Official Microsoft Curriculum: Implementing and Managing Windows Server 2008 Clustering

Hi clustering fans,    The Windows Server Failover Clustering Product Group is proud to announce the release of the first ever Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Official Curriculum course:  Course 6423A: Implementing and Managing Windows Server 2008 Clustering   The course will be available in the channel today, May 15th, 2008.   This course covers a variety of… Read more

Clustering Events during MVP Summit

The MVP Summit is help in Redmond and Seattle, WA on April 14th – 17th (  The clustering team is planning several events and presentations over this week which are open to MVPs who have listed clustering as an interest in their MVP Summit profiles.  Please note that these events are only available to MVPs… Read more

Clustering Partner Blogs

Please visit our partners’ clustering-related blogs.      Clustering MVPs:   Russ Kaufmann:   Rod Fournier (Former MVP, current PFE):   Nail Own (German Language Blog):   John Toner:     Related technology individual blogs:   Jose Barreto (Storage):     Related technology team blogs:   Exchange Team:  … Read more