Virtualization: Achieving High Availability for Hyper-V

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One of the Clustering and High Availability team’s Senior Program Managers, Steven Ekren, recently published an article in TechNet Magazine on Virtualization: Achieving High Availability for Hyper-V (  As one of Microsoft’s leading experts in HA for Hyper-V, Steven has provided some great information which both beginners and pros can appreciate.


Here’s an overview:

Server virtualization is poised to make a significant impact in enterprise IT departments, and Hyper-V with Windows Server 2008 can make it a reality. The consolidation of servers onto fewer physical machines has huge advantages in resource and cost savings, but two key factors need to be considered during the planning process. Users have increasing expectations regarding the availability of their software, including both line-of-business (LOB) applications and tools such as messaging and collaboration platforms. Furthermore, problems or failure on servers can have a significantly greater impact on operations. Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V provide solutions that can be implemented to provide high availability (HA) of virtual machines (VMs) as well as to the workloads being hosted inside the VMs.


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