Wanted: A few good Clustering Program Managers!

The clustering team is looking for two new Program Managers.  Interested?  Visit: www.microsoft.com/careers and search for job codes: 220546 and 220547.

When you purchase something online, don’t you expect web sites to always be up and running? High availability is no longer just for banks, all successful companies must be up and ready for business 24×7. Does meeting that need with Windows technologies excite you? Are you passionate about driving one of the pillar features for Windows Server? We hire the best of the industry, creating a challenging, yet exciting environment for personal growth while working to fundamentally change the software industry. Are you up for the challenge of a complex distributed system?

The Windows high availability team is responsible for both the Failover Clustering (formally known as MSCS) and Network Load Balancing (NLB) features that ship in Windows Server. With Windows Server 2008, we are delivering radical new improvements in availability and most importantly, ease-of-use. No longer does it require a trained IT specialist to unleash the advantages of high availability to medium and large enterprises. We provide an enabling technology that 3 different multi-billion dollar businesses rely on (Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft File Servers). In addition, we are providing a powerful new technology to Microsoft’s fast growing Hyper-V offerings. Because we are at the heart of many different billion dollar businesses within Microsoft, we work closely with many of the most strategic teams, so your good work will be noticed.

We deal with some of the most interesting problems underlying distributed systems, such as replicated state machines and quorum resolutions. Cluster Software encompasses a broad range of technologies — Win32 applications, services and drivers; COM and DCOM; scripting; settings management; and Windows componentization to name a few. Our team is seeking a program manager to help us drive our successful products down into the higher volume mid-market businesses and lead innovation that will distance Windows server from Linux and other competitive offerings. Our program managers drive our future as they evolve our product strategy, generate requirement specifications, and work closely with our development and test engineers.

The successful candidate should have strong technical knowledge in server related areas, experience in shipping complex commercial software, and managing partner and cross organizational relationships. Strong communication and analytical skills are a must. The ability to think creatively and strategically is vital for this role. This position is located in Redmond, WA

Mandatory qualifications for this position include:
Proven ability to specify and deliver quality products
Strong communication and collaboration skills
Ability to partner with Dev and Test to deliver a quality product
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent required

Preferred qualifications for this position include:
Depth of knowledge in networking and/or security technologies
Experience with high availability systems, Exchange, SQL, or Virtualization



Symon Perriman
Program Manager
Clustering & HA