New Features for NLB in Windows Server 2008


Originally published on 11/17/06, updated on 1/8/08

Major new additions in NLB Clusters for Windows Server 2008 are:

1. Support for IPv6. For port rules which used Class C affinity, with IPv6 they will use network IDs.

2. NLB driver now uses NDIS 6.0 filter driver model.

3. Multidip Support: It allows users to configure more than one dips per NLB host.

4. UI improvements in NLBmgr.  The NLB cluster creation Wizard has been changed to make it more intuitive to create NLB cluster. (Support for configuring NLB through ncpa.cpl properties has been removed.)

5. Better security. All functionalities w.r.t remote control functionality have been removed.

-NLB Team