Windows Server 8 beta now available

Thursday morning Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President of Server and Cloud Announced the beta release of Windows Server “8”. I think it is really important for anyone who is interested in hearing more about what is coming in this beta with Hyper-V and our Virtualization development efforts; please go read what Bill has to say.

In the coming days and months, there will be more Windows Server “8” blog posts coming from Bill Laing and his leadership team on the Windows Server Blog.

Also, stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for deeper dives in the supporting technologies here. I have been waiting to start talking, so hope you have some time carved out to learn more about Windows Server “8” technologies.

Download Windows Server “8” Beta here

These are exciting times here and hope that everyone can download and try out the Windows 8 Server (beta) and see what everyone is talking about.

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  1. Fan Su says:

    Windows Server 8 beta Should the current version be Server 2016?

    1. Actually, I am moving all my old blogs from the blog I was originally associated with since I have my own. So I have some that date back to Windows 2003 Clusters that have posted. Once all my old blogs are there, I will creating new ones that are more up to date.

      So stay tuned…

      1. It’d be useful if the dates on your posts that you move are updated to reflect the original post date.

      2. Mike A says:

        @John all these posts are showing as recent (ie June 1 2017) – its a bit confusing as they show up on rss/news feeds etc 😉

  2. AF says:

    Your blog migration is polluting my RSS reader with old articles with “current” dates and so I’ve blocked posts with your name. I only write this because I think the MSDN blog software needs to behave better, or if this was manually copied over, there needs to be some discipline. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, when subscribing to the “all msdn blogs” firehose, it’s the only way to improve the signal to noise ratio.

    1. ok, I have it figured out on how to post it with the original posting date. Hopefully, this can take care of the RSS feeds.

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