Announcing the release of RyuJIT for x64!

After many years of work, RyuJIT for x64 has now been released! Thanks to many of you trying it out over the course of the last couple years via our CTP releases, and giving us valuable feedback.

You can read all about the .NET Framework 4.6 release (which includes RyuJIT) here:

You can see Soma's blog post on the Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 releases here:

Enjoy these releases, and keep the feedback coming!


Comments (4)
  1. Ryan Lamansky says:

    Are X86 and ARM versions coming soon?

  2. Our goal is to put all future investment into the RyuJIT codebase. However, there is a lot of work ahead of us to create high-quality, high-performance, highly compatible x86 and ARM RyuJIT compilers, so I wouldn't say "soon". You can see our progress on GitHub, here:…/coreclr.

  3. franky403 says:

    RyuJIT still keeps method call overhead on sealed methods. C# still has no way to abstract method calls without performance penalty of at least a factor of 1.6: interface method calls, sealed overriden methods even without any other implementation, functions as arguments all carry this overhead. The compiler or the JIT should be able to INLINE these methods. Pleeeeeeeease, I am waiting since 15 years and put my hope into RyuJIT, but again, no improvement.

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