RyuJIT CTP1 is available for public consumption!


'nuff said (for now).


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  1. Jose Fajardo says:

    Awesome !! Been waiting for this for a long time (since MVP summit) !!! 🙂

  2. anthonyb says:

    Hey Kevin!

    Great work. And I take that…"for now" as that you have more gems to give us at the future!

    Again, great work!

  3. Larry Smith says:

    Anthonyb: See channel9.msdn.com/…/MS-working-on-a-same-compiler-for-C-AND-C–Not-in-incubation-but-for-production-

    Microsoft is working to semi-combine the C++ and C# (and VB) compilers, especially the optimization aspects.

    One assumes this is needed for the Midori operating system (look it up), but clearly there's a push for better managed code performance (for tablets and phones ? See how it all can be tied together?).

    One also assumes that the next release of C# (and VB) isn't just about Roslyn. Since they're rewriting the compilers, this is their chance to lay the groundwork for some additional really cool enhancements to the language and runtime.

  4. anthonyb says:

    @Larry: I knew this link for a long time now, thanks! And especially for all the others you mentioned. It's just fascinating to see that happens!

  5. Rüdiger Klaehn says:

    Will this fix the struct inlining issues of the current 64bit JIT compiler?


  6. Albert says:

    WHy this is not available for windows 7 environment.

  7. Kevin Frei says:

    @Rudiger, yes, this does address that issue pretty well (it brings it to parity with the x86 JIT compiler)

    @Albert, because it's just not quite ready. Win7 support will probably be coming with a GDR, because it requires some tweaks on the runtime side to support the JIT.

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