NGen: Walk-through Series

Now that Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 has shipped, we thought it would be a good time to publish a series of articles focused on how to use the NGen technology and how to measure performance benefits from it. This series features hands-on style content, so get your copy of Visual Studio 2010 installed and you’ll be ready to follow along.

The following topics will be covered in the 4 blog posts that make up this series.

       1.       NGen: Getting Started with NGen in Visual Studio

       2.       NGen: Measuring Warm Startup Performance with Xperf

       3.       NGen: Measuring Working Set with VMMap

       4.       NGen: Creating Setup Projects

Please use the comments section under each post to reach out to us, provide feedback and ask questions.



Pracheeti Nagarkar

CLR CodeGen Team

Comments (2)

  1. Matthias Mueller says:

    Hello Pracheeti,

    I read your great 2010th article "NGen: Measuring Working Set with VMMap".

    And I have several questions on the NGEN, ASLR, and Rebasing issues you mentioned.

    Maybe you can bring some more light in these topics.

    1) Regarding Vista and newer, is it still necessary to do a basing of one's managed DLLs when generating NIs to achieve code sharing?

    2) If basing is still necessary, do I have to calculate the base addresses based on the NI's size (which is twice as large as the IL)?

    3) If basing is no longer required, will the NIs code pages still get shared among different processes using the same DLL?

    Best regards


  2. Good links pracheeti. Thanks for your efforts in putting them here for us.

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