AddIn FxCop rules released! [Mueez Siddiqui]

We have released FxCop rules to verify view and contract assemblies. This should make it much easier to create views and contracts that follow the version-resilience and isolation guidelines. Head on over to our CodePlex site on to try them out. As always, we would love to hear your feedback!


Add-In Performance: What can you expect as you cross an isolation boundary and how to make it better [Jesse Kaplan]

Aren’t AppDomains too Slow? “Aren’t AppDomains too slow?” This is one of most common questions we get when we recommend AppDomain or Process isolation to someone building an extensible application. For some applications the answer is yes, which is why we make it easy to activate without isolation as well, but for many more applications…


Feb CTP of Add-In Pipeline Generator is Released on Codeplex

We’ve just release the first update to our Pipeline Generator to Codeplex: This release addresses many of the issues/suggestions the community filed with the first release. Additionally it adds support for defining structs in your contract assemblies. For some extensibility points structs will be an invaluable tool as they allow you to pass large…


Announcement: New Tool to Auto-Generate Add-In Pipelines [Jesse Kaplan]

This has been one of the most requested features we’ve had since people started learning more about our model and playing with the bits and I’m very happy to announce that we have published this on CodePlex: For a particular version of an application writing the code for the views and adapters can be…


Support for Windows Forms in Hosts and Add-Ins

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions recently regarding the support for Windows Forms based add-ins and hosts in a multi-AppDomain environment. Now that we’ve released .NetFX 3.5 with the support for passing WPF controls across AppDomains the lack of direct support from Windows Forms becomes more noticiable. The good news is that it’s actually…



MSDN Resources Conceptual/How-to Documentation: API Reference: Online Articles MSDN Magazine 02/2007 MSDN Magazine 03/2007 These articles provide an introduction to our work while walking you through the process of first building the host and add-in, and then building the cross-version adapters when you move to a V2 host Microsoft Architecture Journal…